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Web App Development Over WordPress

Migration of the Senior Services Guidebook from Printed to Online form

The Colorado Gerontological Society is the main organization focused on providing all training and information to seniors about health insurance, senior services, laws, and everything related to providing our seniors with the tools to increase their well-being.


  • Mariano Rozanski (Solutions Architect)
  • Silvia Mendez (Business Analysis, UX)
  • Mauricio Abadie (Backend)
  • Juan Cerrutti (Front End)


  • Web App
  • Integration with WordPress
  • Payments through
Web App integrated with WordPress - CGS Guidebook project


“From print to digital”

For the past twenty-seven years, the Colorado Gerontological Society has published the annual Colorado Senior Resource Guidebook where the public can find agencies that provide elder care services.

As with every printed publication, it can only have a certain number of copies and be accessible at the distribution locations. CGS wanted to reach every family in Colorado that needed access to Housing and Help in the Home services for their loved ones.

In 2018, CGS was awarded a grant to create the online version of the Guidebook given that this was one of the services that added more value to seniors, their families, and caregivers.


“Providing up-to-date information”

  • Since the printed version of the Colorado Senior Resource Guidebook was printed on a yearly basis, the information could get outdated.
  • It takes a lot of effort from CGS volunteers and staff to call and collect updated information from agencies and the Health Department to keep the guidebook with current data, but the accuracy of the data could not be guaranteed.
  • Information could only be managed at the CGS office using a MS SQL database connected to the intranet.
  • Having the limitations of a printed guidebook, CGS could only print some of the information collected in the database leaving important content out of it.
Dotsur-Colorado Gerontological Society-Senior Resources Guidebook


“Let’s go online”

  • Web App Development Over WordPress to create an online version of the Colorado Senior Resource Guidebook that seamlessly integrate with the WordPress site.
  • Reach out to our South American network of backend and front end developers who were able to jump on the project during the holidays and were committed to working hard to deliver within an aggressive timeline.
  • Reduce rework and cost by using Lean and Agile Methodologies and validating requirements through an interactive and collaborative prototype which allowed the CGS board and a Business Analysts who volunteered their time in the definition of the solution to comment on it. It also became the main source for developers to understand what was needed.


WordPress integration with Angular and BackEnd in PHP

Angular JS

Solutions Architecture

  • WordPress integration with an admin site developed in Angular.
  • Migration from MS SQL Server to MySQL
  • Endpoints developed in PHP

Quality Assurance

  • Test Scenarios Definition 
  • Quality Assurance cycles performed during each sprint

Agile Scrum

Agile Scrum Methodology for Distributed Teams was utilized to keep the developers and QA professionals up to date and aware of changes and news. The Technical Leader, the client, and the Project Manager would have meetings once a week to set new goals and expectations, which were translated into stories in Jira and assigned to the team at the beginning of each sprint.

Team Management

The development team was a distributed in United States and South America. Open communication was kept using Slack, Zoom, and Atlassian Jira.


  • “WordPress seamless integration”

    • The public can easily find the services they need searching by city, zip code and distance from their location, and by service type.
    • The public can narrow down the results using filters by cost range, payment types, vacancies, among others.
    • Each service has a landing page with extensive information about such service including photos, costs, payment types, and amenities provided. They also have links to their websites for inquiries. This information couldn’t fit in the printed version.
    • Elder Care Agency owners or managers have a portal where they can log in and update the information of the services they provide, improving the accuracy of the data displayed on the public search.
    • Volunteers now have a portal they can access from their homes or on-the-go using their mobile phones, so they can help the Colorado Gerontological Society collect information about the Agencies when and where it works best for them.

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