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Contact Mapping

Technology Ecosystem (Hybrid mobile app, Web app, Marketing website, Payment Gateways) + Staff Augmentation

Contact Mapping is a Philosophy, a System, and an App

Contact Mapping is a personal CRM ecosystem that helps you make the most of your business and personal relationships by transforming the way you connect, remember information, and keep in touch. 


  • Mariano Rozanski (Solutions Architect)
  • Mauricio Abadie (Backend: Ruby on Rails + PostgreSQL)
  • Esteban Rao (React + React Native + Node.JS Developer)
  • Agustin Siles (React + Node.JS Developer)
  • Lucas Olmos (Quality Assurance + Automatic Tests)
  • Silvia Méndez (Project Manager)


  • Hybrid Mobile Development with Apple In
  • App Payment and Stripe
  • Android and iOS components
  • Firebase
  • Web App Development 
  • Google Chrome Extension Development
  • Web Content Clipper
  • WordPress Marketing Website
  • Hubspot Integration
  • REST API to Zap your heart away


“Your Network Is Your Net Worth”

It is vital to have a good network that can support your life decisions. From buying a new car to recommending the right health supplements, a doctor, or help you find a new job.

Networkers and super connectors love helping people around them using their relationships. Unless they have a privileged memory, it is not an easy task to keep track of personal information, hobbies, skills, professions, etc. that they can search to make the right recommendations.

The goal is to transform your ability to develop meaningful business and personal relationships by allowing you to be fully present in the current conversation because you are not racking your brain trying to remember something you are embarrassed to have forgotten.



“Relationship Management Without the Hassle”

Stay in touch, remember where you left off, and see who you know – all in one place. Whether you’re long time friends, a new business connection, or former acquaintances, relationships matter.

Contact Mapping helps you make the most of your business and personal relationships by transforming the way you connect, remember information, and keep in touch. You can Build Lasting Relationships!


“Creating a Digital Ecosystem: Hybrid Mobile app + Web app + Chrome Extension + Marketing Website”

The goal is to put you at the center of your social graph because you are the center of your network, which makes the idea of a company-owned CRM account non-viable. We needed to ensure all contact information was making its way from different sources but mainly from your mobile device’s Native Address Book using a Hybrid Mobile app developed using React Native.

Contact Mapping wants to be the augmented source of your contacts’ information by compiling their social media handles and clipping your conversations with connections from Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Alignable, and Clubhouse using the Chrome Extension.


Mobile App, Web App, Chrome Extension, and Marketing Website Ecosystem

React Native
Rubi on Rails

Solutions Architecture

  • We opted to use React Native for most of the mobile app with contacts management developed directly on iOS and Android.
  • Web App solution integrated with WordPress developed using React and Node.js.
  • Payment Gateways using Apple In-App Payments and Stripe.
  • Data stored in Firebase for real-time data on all apps, analytics, and user management with a layer of PostgreSQL to manage data.


Quality Assurance

  • Automated tests for REST API using Cypress
  • Cross-application Test Scenarios Definition
  • Quality Assurance cycles performed during each sprint


Continuous Integration for all the apps: We have an independent build (web app version, Chrome Extension installation, or mobile app build) for each Pull Request created on Github.

Agile Scrum

Agile Scrum Methodology for Distributed Teams was utilized to keep the developers and QA professionals up to date and aware of changes and news: Daily Standups, Backlog Grooming, Sprint Demos, Retros, Planning sessions. 

Quarterly strategy meetings to define the direction of the company and the digital products translated into Jira Epics prioritized by customer value provided to be developed during the quarter.

Team Management

The development team is a distributed in North + South America, and New Zealand. Open communication is kept using Slack, Zoom, Miro, and Atlassian Jira.


Clickable prototypes are used to get the new features approved by the Contact Mapping C-Level team. Mockups and prototypes done using Figma.


  • Power users with up to 18,000 contacts can be up and running within a minute.
  • Users have been delighted, some of them managing over 30 different conversations a day and remembering the top notes about each contact.
  • Contact Mapping has been successfully amassing investors and learning from the user-base and we are currently working on the B2B version of the product.
  • The product continues to evolve, with one new release per month reacting to customer requests and improvements since October 2018.

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