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We design, develop, deploy, and support elegant Web Apps that help your business reach its ROI goals and secure its operations.

Why Develop your Web App with Dotsur?

The first step to building your solution is to talk to the experts– The Dotsur team. With over two decades of professional experience in the web app development world, we know the ins and outs of everything from defining your needs to development and deployment. Our team has a keen eye for what works, and what doesn’t. 

We cover everything from brainstorming, designing, coding, protecting, launching, and supporting your Web App. We are committed to helping your business reach its goals. 

How we work

Mobile-First Approach

Mobile-First Development. Web App Development

Over 65% of the time people spend on the internet is spent on mobile devices, especially smartphones. We are mindful to design your site to look great, be user-friendly, and load fast on mobile devices. 

Design around your goals

Whether you want to get more leads or have more direct sales, we design your web app with your budget, timeline, and business goals in mind.

Clean, User-Friendly Design

Our designers have a keen eye for elegant yet functional designs that will help your customers find the right information in a few clicks.

Our Work Speaks For Itself

Kisscam Web Contests

A tenant-based white-label web application for live photo contests.

The Kiss Cam has been a social tradition in U.S. sports arenas for decades. Kisscam® is bringing the Photo Web Contests to your home and different venues to participate not only during your favorite sports teams’ games but also during holidays and other social events.

Kisscam ® -- Web Contests

Our Development Process


We learn about your business and with our confidential and completely free app analysis, we’ll help you turn your thoughts into actions and start the next chapter of your business!


We look at particular details about the product to better understand the market it is going into. We study competitors in the market, revealing their strong and weak points; decide on an approximate style of the site or application and create the user experience. Putting designs together in the early stages of the project is crucial for validating ideas rapidly, iterating over them, and pivoting if needed, thus showing value quickly.

Release Plan

We build your app using the Agile Methodology, which helps reduce uncertainty through fast iterations: We define an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and a roadmap for the app with a prioritized set of features in the order they should be released.

Build + Launch

Dotsur builds and tests the MVP and releases it to learn how it works for your customers. We learn from your users what features work and which don't to adjust the roadmap to always deliver the most value to the market. Given the flexibility provided by the Agile methodology, you can always pivot to get the most wanted features delivered to your customers.

Support + Governance

We make sure your app keeps up with evolution in technology and review it to ensure it remains fit for purpose, meets customer needs and regulatory obligations.

Our Work Speaks For Itself

Online Senior Resource Guidebook

A Responsive Web Development integrated with WordPress.

The Senior Resource Guidebook is a comprehensive Colorado elder care resource dedicated to providing answers to questions about health insurance, housing resources, help in the home, and advance directives. CGS has created the online version to provide up-to-date information anytime, anywhere.

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