...and a force for positive change.
Great products and services should not cost you a second mortgage on your home.
Creativity is a gift, and we need to exploit it for the better good.
By doing what we love, following our hearts and souls, caring for our clients - and their customers, - and pouring our passion into the products we make, we are living a life of purpose.

We have a people-first philosophy. We want you, and your business, to thrive. We are committed to your success utilizing technology to achieve your organization’s growth goals.

Whether you are a startup or a non-profit, we help businesses of all sizes build affordable, high-quality customized websites and mobile apps that solve their users’ challenges. We also work with you to create a digital marketing strategy to launch your products and services.

Meet the U.S. team

Located in beautiful Colorado, Dotsur onshore team is happy to meet you in person to go through your business’ technological needs and virtually if you are located anywhere else in the globe. 

We love learning about you and your company and provide free initial consultation. We’ll help you understand what creating a new digital product entails and the different options there are to reach your goal, whether that is creating a minimum viable product to test your idea at a minimum cost or a full-blown custom multi-platform solution.



Planning Diva

Technical Project Manager (Scrum Master certified since 2013) and Product Owner passionate about creating elegant and functional digital products. Silvia uses the Design Thinking and Lean methodologies during the planning and execution of the projects she leads. She also enjoys working on Continuous Improvement Processes and using automation tools to reduce the duration and cost of internal operational tasks.



Tech Perfectionist

Technical architect with 20 years of experience working as a front-end developer and technical leader for Fortune 500 companies. Mariano has specialized in the architecture and technical design of web and mobile applications (for iOS and Android) using native programming languages and also hybrid technologies such as React Native, Cordova + Angular, among others, based on HTML, CSS and Javascript.


Dotsur is your nearshore network of software developers. We are proud to work with highly experienced, responsible, and efficient developers located in North+South America and Europe. Many of them are friends we met and got to trust and enjoy working with in projects for Fortune 500 companies in the United States during the past decade.

Our network has grown to over 100 Developers, UX Designers, DevOps, QA professionals, and Technical Architects with expertise in different technologies who can jump on a project or boost your tech team when your company most needs it. 

Dotsur Global Software Development Team

technologies we are experts on

We are network of hand-picked designers, developers, and quality assurance professionals with expertise in a variety of tools, platforms, and best practices.

iOS Development

Our Latest Work

Mobile Apps, Website Design, Web Apps, and how we help non-profits maximize their efforts to improve our communities.

iPhone App Development - Contact Mapping Project
iPhone App Development - Open Split Time Project
Web App integrated with Wordpress - CGS Guidebook project

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