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Contact Mapping is a Philosophy, a System, and an App

Contact Mapping is a networking app that was created to transform the way you connect with people, and take your business and personal relationships to the next level.


  • Mariano Rozanski (Solutions Architect)
  • Mauricio Abadie (Backend Guru)
  • Mauricio Cisneros (Front End Developer)
  • Daniel Mata (React Native Expert)


  • Hybrid Mobile Development
  • iOS
  • Android


“Your Network Is Your Net Worth”

It is vital to have a good network that can support your life decisions. From buying a new car to recommending the right health supplements, a doctor, or help you find a new job.

Networkers and super connectors love helping people around them using their relationships. Unless they have a privileged memory, it is not an easy task to keep track of personal information, hobbies, skills, professions, etc. that they can search to make the right recommendations.

The goal is to transform your ability to develop meaningful business and personal relationships by allowing you to be fully present in the current conversation because you are not racking your brain trying to remember something you are embarrassed to have forgotten.


“Humanizing Your Address Book”

We store some information about the people we meet in our phone’s address like their names, company and phone number. After we save their contact information, we forget to add the really relevant information about who and what they love, what really makes them feel relevant, and what their dreams are. This is what will help us create rapport with our network and help them with anything they need.

When searching for a tool to keep track of your contacts that allows us to add more meaningful information about them, we get directed to CRMs. The downside of using a CRM for your personal network is that we end up using our company’s CRM and all information dutifully collected in it may get lost if you change jobs, or even worst, contacts information may be fragmented if you have multiple jobs. In addition, CRMs are complex systems that may be an overkill in functionality and cost just to track basic information about your contacts.


“Hybrid Mobile Development”

Contact Mapping’s goal is to put you at the center of your social graph because you are the center of your network. This meant we had to ditch the idea of a central, company owed account. To emphasize that this is YOUR data first, it was imperative that we ensured all contact information was making its way to the native address book. We also needed this information to be always available offline rather than being contingent upon a stable connection to the internet. This meant that at web app was off the table and we needed to rely on a hybrid, React Native solution

A hybrid mobile app made on React Native with a seamless integration with native Address Book that allows recording a few important details from each interaction you have with another person in a note or a highlight, and always set a reminder for your next touch point. No-one will fall through the cracks, and you can always go back to your notes to remember who this person is and what they love and want by searching by name, company name, phone number, or the content in their notes and highlights.

React Native proved to be a challenging solution, particularly when dealing with the many permutations of Android flavors and contact managers. Ultimately it was worth it to our end-users the rely on complete synchronization between the app and their native address book.

Creative Process

Mobile App and Logged-in section on the website.

Rubi on Rails

Solutions Architecture

We opted to use React Native for most of the app with contacts management developed directly on iOS and Android.

Front End solution integrated with Squarespace developed using Angular and Redux.

Quality Assurance

  • Automated tests for REST API using Cucumber and Selenium
  • Test Scenarios Definition 
  • Quality Assurance cycles performed during each sprint

Agile Scrum

Agile Scrum Methodology for Distributed Teams was utilized to keep the developers and QA professionals up to date and aware of changes and news. The Technical Leader, the client, and the Project Manager would have meetings twice a week to set new goals and expectations, which were translated into stories in Jira and assigned to the team at the beginning of each sprint.

Team Management

The development team was a distributed in South America and Europe. Open communication was kept using Slack, Zoom, and Atlassian Jira.


  • Power users with up to 18,000 contacts can be up and running within a minute.
  • Users have been delighted, some of them managing over 30 different conversations a day.
  • App has been accepting new customers since October 2018 and continues to grow its user-base week over week.
  • The product continues to evolve, with one new release per month reacting to customer requests and improvements.

“With Contact Mapping I can recall important details about others that matter to them and follow up when It’s best for our personal and professional relationship. I’ve also connected with people and resources that help me be a better version of myself. Grateful for everything Contact Mapping is doing to support me In building my tribe.”

Ryan Enright


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