WEB DEVELOPMENT USING React + node + mongo db

Case Study

kisscam ® live contests

A tenant-based white label web application for live contests

The kiss cam has been a social tradition in the U.S sports arenas for decades. Kisscam® is bringing the kiss cam to your home and different venues to participate in contests not only during your favorite sports teams’ games but also during holidays and other social events.


  • Marina Cardone (UXD)
  • Mariano Rozanski (Dev)
  • Silvia Mendez (Project Management)


  • React
  • Node
  • Mongo DB
  • AWS


“Design and implement a solution to allow people submit their photos to an online contest happening during a sports game”

If you are a sports fan, you know the Kiss Cam works in the venues. The fans had to wait for the cameraman to point in their direction to kiss and be seen in the Jumbotron. During the pandemic, the venues were closed. The Kiss Cam was missed but not forgotten.

Kisscam® already had a white label mobile app that allows tenants to promote their events and run contests with their fans using frames for the pictures, but this would imply that the fans would have to download the mobile app for each team’s games.

The best cost-benefit solution was to create a white label web application that allowed to run contests online that people could get to using a QR code from a social media ad.. 


“An easy to manage white-label, multi-tenant web application with a point system to declare winners ”

The application needs different access and permission roles that allow Kisscam® to manage the tenants and their contests. Each tenant has its own brand (logo and colors), and each contest has its own points system to declare who is the winner.
The administrators need real-time access to vet the photos submitted by the contestants, and, depending on the sport, the times to announce finalists and winners varies.
Kisscam® also requested to design the experience to become viral.



An easy-to-use web application with a points system based on social media sharing

The user interface gives the users a step-by-step explanation about how to participate, upload the picture, vote, and share. It has a countdown, or the inning if it is a baseball game when the finalists or the winners will be announced.
The participants to any Kisscam® contest will have a unified login. This means they will participate in contests for different teams using the same login information and will collect points to get rewards.
The administrators will also have a console where they will see in real-time the photos being submitted with the number of votes and points collected to choose the finalists and the winner.
The application is also open to being integrated with gifts and rewards systems from the tenants.


Creative Process



Mobile-first design using a step-by-step flow, interactive prototypes, and a user journey to create the best approach for the users and the admins done using Adobe XD.


  • React was used for the user interface
  • MongoDB was the selected database to support the speed of the data that is coming during a game
  • Hosting the database, apps, and endpoints using AWS, which provides scalability and security
  • DevOps to have the deployment flows to test individual feature branches. Also to keep the dev, staging, and production environments in the corresponding states.

Agile Scrum

Agile Scrum Methodology for Distributed Teams is always used for all our projects. We involve our client in weekly demos to show what we have accomplished and get fast feedback. 

Team Management

The development team was a distributed in South America. Open communication was kept using Slack, Zoom, and Atlassian Jira.


  • The pilot was run this year by the Oklahoma City Dodgers with excellent reviews from the fans and the managers.
  • During only 3 games, they collected more than 125 emails from fans. This is 80% more than what they get from their more traditional methods.
  • The OKCD will be using the full version of this web application next year.
Desktop – OCKD Winner


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